Buying a Home

If you are buying your home for the first time you have to quickly become an expert in finding not only the right mortgage product, but also a surveyor and a lawyer.

This can cause most individuals/couples a degree of panic. Hopefully we will be able to walk you through the ups and downs of these eventualities and point you in the right direction.


This is one of those life events that nobody anticipates and looks forward to, unless you are absolutely fed up with your job and you are near your retirement date.

This may result in you receiving a lot less in pension income than you were hoping to enjoy. You may also have been given a lump sum in order to pay for the past service you had with your previous employer.

One should take advice regarding the lump sum you receive and also any pension benefits you have now accrued since you started working.


Some spouses depend on the other to take care of their personal finances so much so that in the event that he or she passes away the surviving spouse feels overwhelmed by having to manage the finances on behalf of the family or look after themselves in retirement.

Our Wealth Management Programme will act as a kind of shadow spouse, highlighting the things that need to be done, tax return, shop around for best savings account and suggesting a regular review of your Will. A large percentage of women who live on their own use this service.

Tax Advice and Will Writing are not regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.


Planning your retirement should not just be 3 or 4 years before you clear your desk. It should be a process that has been planned for at least the last 15 years of your working life.So where do you start? Unfortunately, there are more and more new financial products coming on to the market coupled with perhaps a change in legislation which can lead to confusion and anxiety for the individual.

Our Wealth Management Programme will help you ascertain what pension plans should be kept or move on given your position at that time.