In recent years we have all noticed that the stock market has taken a bit of a bashing and property now seems to be a far better asset class to hold. Just like stocks and shares, properties can be good or bad. In today’s market there is a shortage and there are more people renting than buying. There is still value to be found in buying a property and using it as part of your long-term investment strategy. Generally, any house that you have owned, when you come to sell it, will be worth more than what you bought it for. If only you could have held on to all those properties you owned throughout your working life.

Our Wealth Management Programme will help you select the right property, find an agent to assist with the letting and advise you on a suitable property to buy based on your requirements, whether it is an income stream you require or for capital appreciation or indeed for your children to live in during higher education.

PIMS Property Service

Most homeowners will be aware that the value of their home increases slowly over the years with little or no in put by them. At times the market can be slow when trying to sell or rising quickly as we have recently experienced over the last 4 years or so.

Buying a second property as an investment can make sense. Our service will help you, based on your approach to risk and timescale:

  • Find the right property
  • Find tenants
  • Manage the ongoing running costs

Nowadays individuals are too busy to pour over the property sections of the papers and websites of estate agents. Leave this to us and we will match your requirements to your needs.

Our property service is not regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.